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Welcome to Kitchen Table Writers!

    This is a place where magic happens.

    At a kitchen table?

    Yup. And it's just a banged-up, wooden kitchen table. Nothing special about the chairs either. But, when a circle of people gather around this old table to write and listen carefully to each other, wonderful things happen. 


    Whether you're someone who has never written but has always felt

a longing to, or you're an established writer looking for support, there's a place at this table for you and your words.


     Pull up a chair. Your stories matter here.

Jen Sage-Robison 

  Your Writing Workshop & Retreat Leader



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       "She was a                keen                 listener,


an open mind

 and a

beautiful heart."

"Jen's workshop

is the


of my week, jumpstarting

the creative


for the days


- Cathy Satterfield


"She was a keen listener, demonstrated an open mind, and a beautiful heart."

-Past Workshop Participant

  "She was 

  a keen listener,


an open mind

 and a

beautiful heart."

- Amy Aves Challenger

Jen has been writing all her life and believes that

everyone who writes is a writer.

She knows that everyone is full of stories, and

that each unique voice matters and deserves respect. 

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