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   Jen Sage-Robison


 is the owner of Kitchen Table Writers

 and is a proud



certified to lead workshops in the AWA method as described in

Writing Alone & With Others 

by Pat Schneider, Oxford University Press. 


   She has a background in progressive political activism and social work. She has facilitated workshops in prison and for women living in poverty. She currently leads creative writing workshops at Westport Writers Workshop. A Pushcart Prize nominated poet, Jen has studied writing and literature at Sarah Lawrence College, UMASS, Poets House, the Mark Twain House, WWW, AWA, with Grace Paley, poets Barbara Henning and R.A. Villanueva and the journalist, Susan Campbell. Her work has been published by Auburn University, in Hartford's L.I.T. Anthology, the Naugatuck River Review, Panoply, and many other places. 


   Jen believes everyone who writes is a writer and that the art of  writing belongs to all people, regardless of education, disability or economic class. She believes assisting people in using own their voices to tell their own stories can help change the world. 

     To find out more about Jen's writing, you can click here:

"I hope you will not miss the opportunity to know Jenipher! She has much to offer the world with her talent, her passion and her kind heart."

- Amy Aves Challenger, author

“She has always provided insightful and effective feedback. She truly has been one of my favorite and most inspirational writers to grow with and learn from.”

- Workshop Participant

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